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Webinar: Orientation to Open Textbooks

From illustration by Giulia Forsythe

Open invitation to an open textbook webinar! Join Una Daly and Terrie McAloney for a one-hour orientation to open textbooks.

What: An orientation to open textbooks
When: Wednesday, November 21, 11:00 – 12:00 PST
Where: SCoPE Blackboard Collaborate room:

There is no need to register for this webinar. If you are new to Blackboard Collaborate, check that your equipment is ready ahead of the session.

Missed the session? 



  1. At COTR, I’ve been asked about the process for choosing which 40 courses will be the first to benefit from the BC open textbooks initiative. Originally, I believe, the idea was to fund book re/development for the ‘most popular’ or highest-enrolled. Now I understand that BCcampus may be re-examining the selection process, going instead for the 40 courses with the “most impact” (however that is interpreted). Can you share the criteria that will be used to select “high impact” courses?

    • Hi Gina:
      Sorry for the lateness of the reply, and thanks for your comment. We’re in the process of putting together a committee to advise us on the work of the project: they will to suggest/review the proposed criteria and give advice on how to proceed. First things first! We need to make sure we’re accountable in some more formal way to our stakeholders. The nomination form and terms of reference for that committee will be posted shortly here.
      Tori Klassen,
      Communications Director, BCcampus