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Early Findings from BC Faculty Survey on Open Educational Resources

Since November of 2014, the Open Textbook Faculty Fellows Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani (KPU),  Dr. Christina Hendricks (UBC) and Dr. Jessie Key (VIU) have been collaboratively working with Dr. Beck Pitt from the OER Research Hub in the U.K. on an open textbook research project involving faculty in British Columbia.

Throughout the winter and spring, we have been gathering data from faculty across B.C. post-secondary institutions about their use and perceptions of open textbooks and, more broadly, open educational resources (OER).

Analysis on the survey results has been ongoing. Our goal is to release a final report on the findings later this year with some recommendations that can help guide the future direction of not only the B.C. Open Textbook project, but other open textbook projects as well.

For now, we have some preliminary findings that we would like to share. These preliminary findings will be presented and discussed later this week at the Open Textbook Summit by Rajiv, Christina and Jessie.



  1. __Considering 51 of 73 Faculty respondents believe students have saved money by using publicly-funded, teacher-created, OER, a follow-up question might be – Into which sectors of the BC economy will most/all this ‘saved money’ flow, as a result of BCcampus OER initiatives, Faculty creative work and tax-payers’ support? . . . and, what would have to happen to ensure 100% of the ‘savings’ is spent in specific ways within the education sector.

    • Hi Don,

      It’s an interesting question, and one that would be better student to a student survey. As you know, savings from the project benefit students directly. The money stays in their pocket and, therefore, isn’t savings that government sees directly. While it could be suggested that students spend their savings on other education related activities, it’s really up to them how they want to spend their money. But it would be an interesting question to ask them – how did you spend the money you saved on textbooks?


  2. __a thought, To Show Syllabus, course notes, presentation content and point to OER used in context with commercial materials – when your looking for ways to help, I expect the specifics would be more insightful __ Purposes for using OER in teaching _ Ideas and Inspiration _ Prepare for teaching _ Supplement existing coursework _ assets within a lesson _ broaden the range of resources available to learners _ optional self-study materials for learners _ broaden the range of their teaching methods _ provide e-learning materials for learners _ engage their students more fully in a topic area _ enhance their professional development _ stay up-to-date in their subject _ learn about a new topic _ compulsory self-study materials for learners _ basis for comparison/to assess the quality of their materials _ connect with instructors or learners who have similar interests _ interest hard-to-engage learners _ make their teaching more culturally diverse
    __ a follow-up question might be to ask Respondents to describe influences of cost and time constraints in their decision process.