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  • Graduate Research Methods in Social Work

    Author(s): Matthew DeCarlo, Cory Cummings, Kate Agnelli

    Updated: Sep 29, 2021

    Description: Our textbook guides graduate social work students step by step through the research process from conceptualization to dissemination. We center cultural humility, information literacy, pragmatism, and ethics and values as core components of social work research.

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  • Scientific Inquiry in Social Work

    Author(s): Matthew DeCarlo, Radford Univeristy

    Updated: Mar 12, 2021

    Description: As an introductory textbook for social work students studying research methods, this book guides students through the process of creating a research project. Students will learn how to discover a researchable topic that is interesting to them, examine scholarly literature, formulate a proper research question, design a quantitative or qualitative study to answer their question, carry out the design, interpret quantitative or qualitative results, and disseminate their findings to a variety of au...[more]

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