To make it easier for you to create, edit, use, and share open educational resources (OER), the B.C. Open Textbook Collection contains a number of guides and toolkits to guide you through the process.

Guides to using OER

Through our guides, instructors can learn how to choose an open textbook, adopt it for the classroom, and makes print copies available for students. Trades instructors can also find a snapshot of OER adoption practices completed by other B.C. trades instructors.
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Guides to creating OER

We have resources designed to help you create, adapt, license, and share OER in B.C. and around the world. These resources can help you modify an existing open textbook to meet your intended learning outcomes, or create one to share your knowledge and enable a better learning experience with your students. For example, to ensure our ability to deliver high-quality, usable, and accessible OER, we have developed a Self-Publishing Guide: a practical reference for writing and publishing an open textbook. The guide provides actionable information to help you prepare, plan, write, and publish an open textbook, and contains important information about openly licensing the resources.
To improve accessibility for your open textbooks, we’ve collaborated with the Centre for Accessible Post-Secondary Education Resources BC (CAPER-BC) and Camosun College to create the BCcampus Open Education Accessibility Toolkit that focus on creating content that is accessible to students and instructors who cannot use conventional print materials. The Accessibility Toolkit is available in English and French.
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Guides to open education

There are many different ways to support open education and contribute to the community. So whether you are a student looking to advocate and promote the adoption of open textbooks or a librarian wanting to set up and run an open working group at your institution, we have resources to support those initiatives.
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Looking for more information about open education and OER in B.C. and beyond? Our directories are a great place to start. The Information Directory organizes blogs, books, news, and research about open education in Canada and beyond. We also have a directory dedicated to highlight work in open education happening at each public post-secondary institution in B.C. and a directory that lists OER by subject area that are not included in the B.C. Open Textbook Collection.
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