Review an Open Textbook


BCcampus is looking for qualified textbook reviewers from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon to review existing open textbooks in the B.C. Open Textbook Collection.

Where appropriate, we are also asking faculty to consider adopting the textbook they review in their courses, should the textbook meet their need.

An honorarium of $250 will be paid to eligible and qualified individuals who complete, submit, and permit the open publication of their review for a textbook in the B.C. Open Textbook Collection. All reviews must be approved by BCcampus Open Education before they are posted and payment is made to the reviewer.

Answers provided in completed reviews must be accurate, comprehensive, constructive, and concise; this is required so that the review is useful to those evaluating the targeted open textbook. (See “Completed Review: Approval and Payment” below.)

Each approved and completed review will be published by the reviewed textbook in the B.C. Open Textbook Collection under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence  as of March 15, 2018. Reviews completed prior to this date are CC BY-ND. The copyright for each review is owned by the reviewer.


Review and Selection Process

  • Faculty who would like to review a textbook should be teaching in the subject area for the selected text.
  • Reviewers should be teaching at a post-secondary institution in either British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or the Yukon.
  • Reviewers are willing to consider the adoption of the reviewed open textbook, providing its quality and contents are appropriate for their course.

Please note that in order to encourage a diversity of voices in the reviews, we limit the number of reviews per person to one.

Application Process

Faculty interested in reviewing one of the BCcampus Open Education, should submit an application. For further questions, please email

Completed Review: Approval and Payment

All reviews must be approved by BCcampus Open Education before they are posted and payment is made to the reviewer.

Reviews posted by books in the B.C. Open Textbook Collection are intended to provide constructive, helpful feedback for instructors contemplating the adoption of one or more of these textbooks. Therefore, in order for a review to be approved, a reviewer should ensure that responses are:

  1. Accurate. Make sure that each of your responses answers the question asked.
  2. Comprehensive. Provide complete replies to each question. Avoid one- or few-word answers, and instead, explain why you chose a specific rating.
  3. Constructive. Whether a critique is positive or negative, frame your feedback in a respectful and helpful manner. Explain your answer so that both the potential user and author understand why you offer this feedback. If a response is negative, describe how this item can be improved.
  4. Concise. Whenever possible, provide an example from the reviewed textbook that illustrates your comment.