As part of the informal survey of institutions we did in May 2012 (and supplemented by our own research) we gathered links to all of the Copyright education sites on campuses around BC.

In addition, because it is of particular interest to our deliberations around supporting copyright education/OER awareness, we looked further and pulled out URLs to the FAQs institutions have come up with for their instructors, staff and students:

For now I will offer only one observation based on this research so far – copyright education is almost exclusively the domain of the institutional library, yet education on those library driven sites regarding “openness” is typically limited (with some notable exceptions) to “open access” (that is, access to academic journals, institutional repositories, etc) and NOT “open educational resources.” This seems like one gap that could be addressed.
If by chance your institution’s copyright site or FAQ was inadvertently left out, please feel free to add it in the comments or contact us directly.