To find an open textbook in your subject area, begin by searching the B.C. Open Textbook Collection. The Faculty Guide for Evaluating Open Education Resources, developed by the BCOEL, may be helpful.
If you don’t find what you need, try looking in one of the many open textbook/OER collections and academic presses, listed below.

B.C. Open Textbook Collection
Open educational resources list, by subject – CCCOER
Open Education Resource Textbook List (Sacred Heart University)
Athabasca University Press University of Minnesota Libraries
Cornell Open Galileo Open Learning Materials
HippoCampus LibreTexts
MERLOT II MIT Open Courseware Online Textbooks
MIT Press Open National Science Digital Library (NSDL)
NOBA Project Textbooks North Carolina Learning Object Repository (NCLOR)
NYU Press: Open Access Books OER Commons
Open Knowledge Repository OpenStax
Open SUNY Textbooks Open Textbook Library
Oregon State University Penn State University Press – Unlocked
Project Gutenberg-Canada Project Gutenberg
PhET: Interactive Simulations For Science and Math PDX Open (Portland State University)
Saylor Academy Open Textbooks Skills Commons Open Textbooks
SOL*R University of Wisconsin Pressbooks
Virginia Tech Wikibooks

For a list of open textbooks and other OER under development, see:

Other ways to find open textbooks or other OER include:

  1. Connect with your library.
  2. Ask your colleagues what OER they use.
  3. Conduct an advanced Google search: .
  4. Have your students find open resources, do a content review, and post the results to your course website or Learning Management System (LMS).

Evaluating an Open Educational Resource Collection

To help you assess the collections or repositories you are searching, refer to the Open Education Resource Repository (OERR) Rubric developed by the the BCOEL Librarians Working Group (previously BCOER). This document is listed below.

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Page five