This opportunity is now closed.
Deadline: September 30 2019
Email conference@oeconsortium.orgStudents, your opinion matters! Please share what you think about Open Education, so that we can work better for an open future!
The chairs of the upcoming OE Global Conference 2019 (Milan, 26-28 November 2019), organized by the Open Education Consortium together with Politecnico di Milano, are producing a video featuring students answering questions about open education.

Suggested questions

It is suggested, using a smartphone or android, students create a video of themselves answering the below questions as YES or NO or, more interesting, brief answers.

  1. Have you ever heard of Open Education? If yes, can you give an example? (sample answers: “No, never”; “Yes”; “Oh yes, I’m familiar with it, in my university we use and adapt OER on a daily basis”)
  2. Have you ever heard of Creative Commons licenses? Have you used them? (sample answers: “No”; “Yes but I’ve never used them”; “Yes, my professors use them to make lecture materials available online”; “Yes, I share my files using them”)
  3. Did you experience one or more of these situations as a student?
    1. Sharing lecture notes with other students (sample answers: “Yes, we do this on a daily basis”; “No”; “No but it would be useful”)
    2. Participating in the creation of learning materials (sample answers: “No, our professors never involve us in this kind of activity”; “Yes, we co-create contents in groups and discuss them in the classroom”)
    3. Reviewing other students assignments (sample answers: “No, our professors never involve us in this kind of activity”; “Yes, I review other students’ work and provide feedback on it, and I receive feedback reviews from others”)
    4. Creating quizzes about a topic you studied (sample answers: “Yes, we often do it”; “No”; “No but it would be useful”)
    5. Publishing content online (sample answers: “Yes, we often do it”; “No”; “No but it would be useful”)
    6. Using contents coming from other institutions
      i.      To supplement existing learning materials
       ii.      To integrate textbooks
    7. iii.      Other reasons
  4. Would you be interested in having the ability to add/create content to be used in your learning process? If yes, why?
  5. How would you like education to look like in the future? 
  6. How can Open Education help create such reality?

How to prepare to record your video

  • Choose your smartphone record settings in order to have a full HD video, or the best resolution possible
  • Choose a silent place, avoid background noise
  • Check that you don’t have any light behind you
  • Make sure that there are no commercial logos on your t-shirt / sweater
  • Hold your smartphone horizontally and steadily (ask someone to hold it if you cannot find a place to self-record)
  • We need to have a close-up video, in order to have your face in the video and a good audio quality (please try once first, then if the audio is good enough go ahead with the recording)
  • If you have a lavalier microphone (also known as a lapel mic, clip mic, or personal mic) please feel free to use it for optimum quality
  • Check the audio quality of the video once before the final recording

Now you can start the recording

  • Look in the camera and hold a still position for a few seconds before you start talking
  • Read aloud the question, leave a pair of seconds of silence, give your answer (remember that YES/NO answers are welcome, brief answers are more than welcome, long answers are welcome for the last three questions only)
  • Answer one question at a time; wait for a couple of seconds before reading the following question
  • When you answer the last question, wait a pair of seconds before ending the recording.

After you finish the recording

Go to this Google form and:
  • Check the privacy box after reading it, so that Politecnico di Milano can use your image in the video for the conference
  • Check the CC BY license box, so that Politecnico di Milano can edit your video to produce the final video with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
  • Add the link to the video you recorded: use any file transfer system you are familiar with (e.g. copy and paste the link that the file transfer system will send you by email so that we can download it. Please remember to name your file according to the following format: [name_surname].[avi, mp4, etc]
Note: For length reasons, your video or portions thereof may be cut without notice.