BCcampus hosted a working session on Open Educational Resources (OER) for senior post-secondary institution representatives in Vancouver on the afternoon of October 18, 2012. The objectives of the session were to develop a common understanding of what OER could mean for B.C. and build a shared vision of how to develop and use them.  The session also considered ways B.C. can take advantage of the promise of open educational resources and open textbooks. The session coincided with the international OpenEd 2012 conference held at UBC Robson Square from October 16-18, 2012.



Giulia Forsythe Visual Notes
@bccampus #OERforum @opencontent Why Open Education? [visual notes]
Why Open Education?
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Brian Lamb Panel talk
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Alan Davis Panel talk
Why is Open Education Important? Roundtable discussions
Roundtable discussions
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Cable Green Panel talk
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Round Table Report
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Video by Kylie Stanton:
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B.C. to offer free textbooks online for top 40 post-secondary courses