Moving the Open Agenda Forward

Creative Commons did a splendid job of illustrating all the key issues and opportunities associated with moving the open agenda forward during a recent Google hangout session. The archive will be a perfect on-demand resource for faculty and instructors in B.C. Here’s the video of that session:

Open Online Courses

The number of MOOCs (massive open online courses) is definitely on the increase! Stephen Downes is compiling a list of MOOC providers, and this resource will no doubt continue to grow. is also a great way to keep up-to-date on MOOC news and information. If you have courses to add to Stephen’s list, he … Continued

The Impact of Open Practices

At the spring meeting of  University College and Institute Professional Developers (UCIPD) hosted by University of Victoria’s Learning and Teaching Centre, Karen Belfer shared a story that exemplifies the impact of community of practice engagement and open practices. Karen is Dean of the Centre for Instructional Development at Vancouver Community College. She attended the fall workshop … Continued

How are you helping faculty and staff cope with copyright and use open resources?

Copyright has always been a major concern for higher education institutions, but recent (and ongoing) changes to copyright legislation, licensing agreements and the general disruption of digital networks, experienced across all sectors, has made it an even more difficult landscape for faculty and staff to navigate. BCcampus is looking at this as an area to … Continued

Open Professional Learning at BCcampus

The announcement for Open Education Week in 2011 brought about a flurry of activity. There are so many excellent learning opportunities thanks to educators willing to share their expertise and resources. This prompted some reflection among BCcampus staff on how we have walked the talk when it comes to OPEN professional learning. Here is a … Continued