This form is used to track the usage (adoption) of open educational resources (OER), other than courses and textbooks, by post-secondary instructors in the classroom.

Please fill out the following form if you are an instructor who is using one or more open educational resources (OER) in a course. If the OER is a textbook instead, please see the Open Textbook Adoption Form. If the OER is course material, please see the Open Course Materials Adoption Form.

BCcampus is required to track B.C. faculty adoptions as part of our accountability agreement with BC’s Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training. See Known Open Textbook Adoptions in B.C. for details about how adoptions are defined and posted.

OER Adoption Form

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    Sep-Dec 2023Jan-Apr 2024May-Aug 2024
    Sep-Dec 2024Jan-Apr 2022


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