Business ZTC Project Update: June 2020

This monthly status report is to share progress each month for the the Business ZTC Project and to outline plans for the coming month.


This section will be highlights from the last month. High level budget info. Can include a video snapshot of features for example.

This month the focus was on putting out a call for proposals for a Marketing ZTC (more details will be provided below) as well as supporting the work of the Tourism editing authors in completing the updated version of the Intro to Tourism textbook.

More information about previous activity and timelines for the project can be found on the Business ZTC Charter Wiki page.

Activity Last Month

Goals that were met, decisions made, milestones met, etc.

At the end of June, the call for proposals for a Marketing ZTC was published. Stakeholders and possible applicants have been contacted by email and the call has been circulated on social media and other channels. The call closes July 24th. Applicants can apply for up to $60,000 to develop a ZTC pathway in a marketing degree or diploma.

Melanie was invited to attend the Douglas College department meeting for Business and to present on OER. Melanie also met with Florence Daddey and Rachael Newton at Douglas College regarding the possibility of a ZTC in the Business Administration Certificate program. They will be mapping their courses to available OER and adoptions to see what the gaps are.

The following is a summary of the activity on Business OER projects:

1) Tourism

The Intro to Tourism textbook updates have been continuing throughout June. Melanie attended two meetings with the authors and has been providing support via email as well. Updates from all authors and chapter reviews are expected mid-July. The team was also successful in their application for H5P development for the textbook and that work will be underway shortly. A blog post about the tourism project will be written once the book is complete.

2) Consumer Behaviour

The book author, Andrea Niosi, is using the draft textbook with a current cohort of students to make improvements. This project is well on track.

3) Developing a Marketing Plan

Melanie is awaiting a draft chapter from the book author, Mike Walmsley, to provide feedback and guidance.

4) Digital Marketing

This project is underway – no update to provide this month.

5) Principles of Marketing Question Bank

This project is underway – no update to provide this month.

Planned Activity

Goals for next month – what we’re looking forward to/excited about. Includes development, meetings, communication, etc.

The following is a summary of upcoming Business ZTC work for July:

  • Review applications for ZTC Marketing grant
  • Schedule 2nd Advisory Group meeting (if enough members available)
  • Wrap up Tourism textbook updates
  • Check-ins with project leads
  • Follow up with Douglas College re: Business ZTC or OER development

Risks and Issues

Timelines for projects may be impacted as a result of Covid-19 related delays.LowCurrently Business ZTC projects are underway. Continuing communication with project leads about timelines and providing support with Pressbooks will assist in keeping on track.
Work on Business ZTC projects will likely extend beyond the end of fiscal 2020/21. While existing funds will be distributed to institutions on time, they will require from BCcampus beyond March 31s, 2021MediumProject Manager roles will continue until Sept 2021 to provide that level of support.

Lessons Learned

List of things that went well and what improvements could be made.

The Tourism Articulation Committee have demonstrated how successful a cross-institutional collaboration can be in sustaining OER in a program area. It is encouraging to see the commitment that faculty and institutions have to open even during challenging times such as these.

A second meeting with the Business Advisory Group has proven to be a difficult to make happen. Again, schedules for all faculty members are extremely challenging at the moment but the hope will be to meet in late June or early July.

Links and Resources

Include links to useful/related info such as slides from an update meeting, related projects or other resources of interest.

Call for proposals: Marketing ZTC