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The B.C. Open Textbook Collection was archived on February 1, 2024. Find textbooks and full course material packages in our new, streamlined collection for educators.

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The BCcampus Open Education Self-Publishing Guide is an excellent resource to help you plan, prepare, write, and publish an open textbook.

Open Education at BCcampus

At BCcampus, we’re using open technologies to facilitate, evaluate, and create open educational resources to share across the province and around the world; saving millions of student-dollars through hundreds of open textbooks adopted in thousands of classrooms:

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The high cost of educational resources and textbooks creates a serious obstacle to the access of post-secondary education.

Getting Started

Image for the textbook titled Accessibility Toolkit - 2nd Edition

Accessibility Toolkit - 2nd Edition

Image for the textbook titled Adoption Guide - 2nd Edition

Adoption Guide - 2nd Edition

Image for the textbook titled Self-Publishing Guide

Self-Publishing Guide

Image for the textbook titled Working Group Guide

Working Group Guide