Advocating for Open Education

Why is open education important, and what can you do to enable opportunities for our system partners and the students of B.C.? Hear from local open advocates and discover a variety of examples of real-world OER.

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Advocacy, faculty fellows, and research

BCcampus values and supports evidence-based teaching, learning, educational technology, and open educational practices in a variety of ways. Our research goals are focussed on teaching and learning in the B.C. post-secondary sector and including online learning and teaching, open educational practices, Indigenization and decolonization, educational technology, and equity, diversity and inclusion.

Research and faculty fellows programs

Open education statistics

Open education by the numbers – find out how many known open textbook adoptions have happened to date, the estimated number of B.C. students using open textbooks, and the calculated savings enabled through this endeavour.

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Materials for promoting open education

Find materials and activities you can use to create awareness about open education in your institution.

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Groups supporting open education

The open community is expansive and engaged. Find a local or global community to join the conversation and discover the real-world benefits of open.

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Tools for open education advocates

Often open education seems like a long journey with no specific roadmap as to how to get to your destination. The institutional work is done by passionate educators who build relationships and do their best by advocating for open among their colleagues. Where to start? BCcampus has developed 20 questions to ask about open education at your institution.  These twenty yes or no questions cover institutional values, knowledge, support, action, and policy and will give the advocates in your institution an indication of where there might be some gaps. To address those gaps, BCcampus has also published a searchable database of corresponding open education strategies. Finally, BCcampus has a working group guide filled with valuable information and ideas to ensure passion and progress, including an appendix with tools for open education work.