Getting Started

Creating an open textbook is easy. Creating something that others will use is challenging. Creating a resource that provides lasting value is an accomplishment.

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Useful resources

We have created a robust selection of toolkits and guides to help you find, use, and modify open educational resources (OER) for your classroom.

Guides and Toolkits

Image for the textbook titled Accessibility Toolkit - 2nd Edition

Accessibility Toolkit - 2nd Edition

Image for the textbook titled Working Group Guide

Working Group Guide

Image for the textbook titled OER Mythbusting

OER Mythbusting

Using Pressbooks

We’ve created an excellent collection of training tools to help you use Pressbooks, an open source, online authoring and publishing platform, to create and adapt open textbooks.

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Open educational resources (OER) toolkits

Refer to these useful guides to learn more about self-publishing, adopting, and adapting open textbooks and other OER.