Findability Status Report: July 2020

This monthly status report is to share progress each month for the the Findability Project and to outline plans for the coming month.


This section will be highlights from the last month. High level budget info. Can include a video snapshot of features for example.

In July, the development team continued to work on the open textbook site while also working on development of the open online course repository. Work has started on the front-end of the website for the open online courses which will ultimately be the front-end for the open site as well.

More information about previous activity and timelines for the project can be found on the Findability Project Charter Wiki page. As the project is using an AGILE software development approach , project timelines and deliverables fluctuate based on identified needs and testing results.

The project continues to be within budget despite the change in scope with the addition of the open online course project.

Activity Last Month

Goals that were met, decisions made, sprint outcomes, milestones met, etc.

The development team hosted an information session on July 28th demonstrating the prototype and work done in June/July. 

The following goals have been met by the Findability team:

  • Prototype of back-end and display for front-end of the site
  • Prototype was tested with the open team
  • Completed file format investigation

This month the following work was completed by the Findability team:

  • Course data entry​ form developed
  • Added ability to add OERs to a course​
  • Created ability to outline learning objectives​ and organize content by unit
  • Site architecture​, map and wireframes developed
  • Testing​
  • The website front-end development started​. This will be the front-end for the new open site.
  • Testing of wireframes for search results, home page, search terms​
  •  Variation test (in-progress with 10 completed)​
  • Goal is to improve findability for textbooks as well​

Planned Activity

Goals for next month – what we’re looking forward to/excited about. Includes development, meetings, communication, etc.

The following activities are planned for July:

  • Page content for the open site to be added (About and help)​
  • Functionality for adding courses and OERs​
  • Continue front-end development, including search​
  • Continue form creation

Risks and Issues

Table of risks/issues, mitigation

Open online courses project introduces new requirements that will take time to consider, design for, and test.MediumMonitor resource allocation and increase capacity if required.
Technology chosen will not support undiscovered user activities or new requirements.MediumTesting and stakeholder engagement at all decision points
Timelines for open online course project are very tightHighNew team member (Declan) joined to assist with the project. Will continue to monitor progress.

Lessons Learned

List of things that went well and what improvements could be made.

With the introduction of the requirements for the open online courses the team is actively investigating and learning technologies including modern JavaScript, Gutenberg and looking at new infrastructure. The challenge at the moment is waiting for courses, OER and content generally to set up, test and populate the site.

Links and Resources

Include links to useful/related info such as slides from an update meeting, related projects or other resources of interest.

Findability Infosession #6