Book Club Facilitation Guide: How to be an Antiracist

February 17, 2022 | Updated: February 23, 2022
Author: Olaolu Adeleye

This guide is designed to offer readers the opportunity to reflect on the significance of racism in their own lives. Act 1: Self and Schemas at an individual level. Act 2: Society and Systems at a structural level. Act 3: Schools and Syllabus within academic communities, curriculum, and classrooms. Act 4: Solidarity and Success at an aspirational level.Each act includes Synthesis of Key Themes, suggested Discussion Points, Reflective Questions, an Activity, Suggested Resources and Definitions. Using the overarching learning outcomes of to know, to be, and to do, the intention of this guide is for you to acquire knowledge, inquire about our societal status, and aspire for change through individual actions that challenge the status quo.

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Campus and Community Resources, Teaching and Learning

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