Suggestion for the Collection

The BCcampus Open Education team welcomes submissions from post-secondary faculty and staff  for proposed new open textbooks for the B.C. Open Textbook Collection. Our continuing goal is to build a balanced collection that includes textbooks covering as many subject areas, course levels, programs, and faculty/institutional needs as possible.

To submit a suggestion, begin by reviewing the below checklist to ensure that your item meets the minimum requirements. This list is followed by a submission form and a description of our selection process.



  • Textbook is released with an open-copyright licence (Creative Commons) or in the public domain.
  • As of November 8, 2018, CC licences that contain the ND (non-derivative) provision are accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • All content (text, images, other media) used in the textbook is covered by an open-copyright licence (Creative Commons) with a proper attribution or is in the public domain.
  • Textbook is in a format that can be used to set up a print-on-demand option
  • Textbook has been copy edited.
  • Textbook must include at least one editable file. See examples below.
    • Prefered editable files: Pressbooks XML, Open Document Text (.odt), or Word (.doc or .docx)
    • Other editable files: HTML, LaTeX, ePUB
  • Textbook must be organized into chapters and include:
    • table of contents
    • chapter learning outcomes
    • learning activities

Highly recommended but not required

  • Textbook is online
  • Textbook is available in at least two different file types
  • Content is Canadian based
  • Textbook meets the BCcampus accessibility criteria
  • Textbook has a unique cover

Optional but preferred

  • Textbook includes two or more editable files
  • Textbook includes interactive objects or videos. Editable files are available for all objects.
  • Textbook includes ancillary resources such as testbanks, videos, or PowerPoint slides

Submission Form

Contact information

First name *

Last name *

Institutional email *

Institution *

Other institution

Name of open textbook *

Author(s) of open textbook *

License for open textbook *

If "ND" is part of the licence, why is this provision necessary for this specific textbook?

Has this book been copy edited? Describe the process used. *

What types of file are available for this book? *

If the textbook is available online, what is the URL?

If this textbook is or has been used, name the course(s) and institution.

Suggest other course subjects and levels for this textbook, if applicable.

Additional information

Before submitting this form, please confirm that the following required criteria are met.*

All content (text, images, other media) used in the textbook is covered by an open-copyright licence or is in the public domain.

This textbook is in a format that can be used to set up a print-on-demand option.

This textbook has at least one editable file.

This textbook is organized into chapters and includes a table of contents, chapter learning outcomes, learning activities.

By submitting this form, you give BCcampus permission to share this information with your identified institution.

Selection Process

To ensure the quality, relevancy, and needs of post-secondary faculty and institutions, particularly in B.C. and Canada, each textbook submission will be assessed as follows.

  1. Criteria. A selection committee will exam the textbook to confirm that it meets the minimum requirements. (See required criteria above.)
  2. Subject content.
    1.  Textbooks produced by an academic press OR an established publishing house will be accepted without further review from a subject matter expert.
    2. All other textbooks will be evaluated by a subject matter expert (SME) using the SME Evaluation Rubric. If the SME recommends the textbook, it will be posted in the BC Open Textbook Collection along with the completed evaluation.

Applicants are notified with a final decision within 4-8 weeks.