A harvest of good things from BCOER

This past Spring BCOER held a hackfest and today we are delighted to share a few good things that have come as a result of some of the hardwork done in May. We worked on key ideas for a poster to use as a tool to engage faculty in discussions about Open Education Resources (OER) … Continued

One Heck of a Hackfest, I'd Say

Last Friday (May 9th) a dozen librarians gathered for a hackfest at SFU Harbour Centre.  Our goal: to work collectively for the day on an OER project we were keen to get done. Participants were a mix of librarians from the recently formed BCOER group, a grassroots group of BC postsecondary librarians interested in OER, as well … Continued

BC Open Open Education Chat

You are invited to join Will Engle and Brian Lamb on their first BC Open Open Education chat, a monthly series of online discussions on the state and progress of open education in the province, on Friday, Aug 23 at 11am. Will and Brian will share some quick updates from their respective institutions, and will … Continued

How Faculty Can Advocate for Open Textbooks

When classes began at Northwest Community College last fall, students in Adrienne Watt’s online database course found a pleasant surprise waiting for them. Instead of having to order a costly textbook that could take up to a month to arrive in the mail, they received their required text online for free. They had Watt, who … Continued