Known Open Textbook Adoptions in B.C.

2012 - 2024
Student savings $39,192,975
Number of B.C. students using open textbooks 333,017
Number of B.C. institutions currently adopting 43
Top 5 adopting institutions (number of adoptions) 1. Douglas College, 2. Langara College, 3. Kwantlen Polytechnic University, 4. Thompson Rivers University, 5. Okanagan College
Top 5 adopting institutions (student savings) 1. University of British Columbia, 2. Douglas College, 3. Langara College, 4. Simon Fraser University, 5. Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Number of known B.C. faculty adopting 997
Number of known B.C. adoptions 8,237
Each adoption refers to a course section within a specific term and year for which an open textbook has replaced a a primary textbook or educational resource that must be purchased.
Book (refers to an open textbook)
A comprehensive compilation of content organized into chapters that includes a table of contents, learning outcomes, and learning activities created to meet course objectives in a specific subject-area and is assigned an open-copyright licence or released into the public domain.
The number of individual instructors who have adopted one or more open textbooks for one or more course sections. A faculty member is only counted once.
This number is calculated as follows: number of students (see "Students") x actual cost of the textbook being replaced if purchased new.
The total number of students in all course sections within which an open textbook is used as the primary educational resource.