Pressbooks is one of the tools we use to create and adapt open textbooks for faculty and students in B.C. and around the world. The open source, online authoring and publishing platform runs on WordPress, a popular publishing and blogging platform. Pressbooks enables multiple delivery formats for your open textbook: your users can access it via a website, PDF document, or EPUB document (so your readers can use their e-reader).

Instructors teaching in a post-secondary institution in B.C. or the Yukon have access to a self-serve instance of Pressbooks, set up and maintained by BCcampus. We’ve used a train-the-trainer approach to Pressbooks, so check with your institution to find an expert on your campus.

Learning to use Pressbooks

We’ve created a variety of resources to help you learn more about Pressbooks, and how to use it to improve your open educational resources.

Pressbooks Guide

Use the BCcampus Pressbooks Guide to enhance your content and improve your ability to deliver quality OER to your students.

Pressbook video tutorial series

We’ve compiled the Pressbooks Video Tutorial Series, a collection of 30+ videos to help you understand and use Pressbooks. Watch quick clips to learn how to create accounts, add and manage users, format images, and other useful aspects covered in the library. These videos reflect the BCcampus instance of Pressbooks, which is reserved for those teaching and working at post-secondary institutions in British Columbia and the Yukon.

LaTeX support

LaTeX is a markup language and typesetting system commonly used in mathematical and scientific writing. If you need help, see LaTeX Support and LaTeX Questions Answered.

Pressbooks FAQ

Have a question about Pressbooks? Check out frequently asked questions (FAQ) to see if we’ve developed a solution to your particular challenge.

Pressbooks updates

Stay current with changes and improvements to Pressbooks with a changelog to share how this tool has developed over the years.