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Search our collection of open textbooks. The curated collection aligns with the top 40 subject areas in BC. Many of these textbooks have been reviewed and vetted by BC post-secondary faculty.



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Let us know if you have adopted an open textbook. Or, if you are looking for resources on how to adopt a textbook, we have some resources to help.



a Textbook

Take advantage of the open textbook Creative Commons license and customize an open textbook to fit your specific needs. Here are some resources to help you modify an existing open textbook.

  • Student Savings: $1,452,300 - $1,842,466
  • Adoptions: 509
  • Participating Institutions: 29

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Introductory Business Statistics

Introductory Business Statistics provides students with an intuitive understanding of sampling distributions and their place in hypothesis testing. This texts aims to help students understand how statistics works, not just how to “get the right number”. More…